baby they don't
know about us
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anche iooo

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Please follow me on my fitness-journey - I follow all healthy fitblrs back :)

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love that 
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my blog will make you horny ;)
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handstand progress is slow. it takes a lot of time and more than anything else, it takes falling out of a lot of handstands. the only way to get better at handstands is to handstand a lot. and while getting hang time is fun, what’s become so satisfying for me is choosing when and how to come back to earth. I can’t yet press up into a handstand, but I can carefully lower myself. this isn’t a lucky snap - I held this position and gently lowered down from my core, keeping myself perfectly balanced over my hands until my toe touched the ground. it feels so good and uses core muscles I didn’t even know I had.
practice and all is coming.
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Loving every second of NYC. On the train home from teaching tonight this adorable skater boy with big blue eyes asked if he could join me in bed tonight. Is it safe for me to wander the streets solo in my small shorts? I guess not. Tshirt by @gbsk There is still time to post your favorite inversion to enter #kinoyoga350k one day contest. To enter include the hashtag in your post and tag my sponsors @gbsk @butterelixir by kinoyoga
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